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Buzz Associates is a marketing services company.

Our job is to provide you with ideas, content, design and words to persuade your prospects to buy from you...

...and turn your website, PR, sales letters,
e-mails, brochures, advertising, newsletters, Word files and data sheets into responsive sales tools...

...with creativity, designs, copywriting, artwork and photography produced for you, based on common sense marketing.

Affordable first class marketing

For 20 years, Buzz Associates has been an outsource facility for businesses in the UK and Europe, providing first class marketing communications and marketing services...

... at affordable prices (see the Costs page) – your accountant and your lawyer will probably charge you more but not help you to sell a thing.

Your uniqueness counts

You expect your marketing to produce sales – so we put the focus on promoting the benefits of buying from you, stating why your products or services are special and how you give your customers a competitive advantage.

And we don't forget that your key objective is to sell – at a profit.

Proof checking, Word work and ghostwriting

If you just want some ghostwriting, word-smithing, proof checking or a Word template creating, that's fine... and while you're here, please look at the Better English page for what else can be done for you.

Time for action

If you want help to improve your marketing – or to get your ideas moving – just contact Buzz Associates on 01767 65 11 15... today.


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