Buzz Associates has very low environmental impact.


     Green things about

          Buzz Associates


Because we work from home, our carbon footprint is remarkably small.

There's no commuting in a car or by public transport, just a quick shuffle from kitchen to office.

Minimal consumption

And, with a couple of computers, two printers and a scanner, we make minimal use of resources while at work – our latest computer has a solid state hard drive, which is fast on processing and low on power consumption.

Even the post box is a short walk away – or, if we're in a real hurry, a quick bike ride.

Lots of recycling...

All our paper is recycled (along with lots of other rubbish via South Cambridgeshire District Council's excellent recycling collections).

... and Radio 3 all day too

Two of the great things about working from home is a view of our lovely garden and the choice of what we want to listen to without having to worry about anyone else's tastes.

So for us, it's Radio 3, the BBC's wonderful classical music station, which plays almost uninterrupted music all day and well into the evening – no ad breaks, just informed 'captions' to the music read by well trained presenters playing mostly complete works.

Yes, having the radio on does use a smidgen of electricity (so little that it doesn't register on our energy monitor), but our lives and the world in general would be a poorer place without Radio 3.


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