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     Buzz fees are

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As part of your research, you'll have looked at the websites of other companies offering marketing services, copywriting, proof reading and so on.

Few will have included anything about costs.

There are two reasons for this. One is that they don’t want to frighten you. The other is that they don’t know.

Time and tailoring

What companies like Buzz are selling is time and expertise for tailor made solutions to your marketing needs.

But that’s no reason for you to feel overcharged.

We base our fees on £350 / day – and always quote beforehand to meet budgets and provide a value for money, cost effective service.

To put this into context, the 'pop' photographer David Montgomery, interviewed by the Sunday Times for its Fame and Fortune series on 26 January 2014, says his daily rate is £4,000.

£350 / day with Buzz buys you marketing advice, copywriting, graphic design, websites and all the other things which make up marketing services – including photography.

You'll know before we start

Even if it's a simple proof reading or copy editing job, which may only take an hour or so, we'll still quote before we start (having seen your file first of course) so you know just what the work will cost.

It is, after all, your budget and your investment.

Time for action

To see how far Buzz Associates can make your budget stretch, contact us on 01767 65 11 15... today.


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